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These are Natural clay, boasting a soft and smooth texture, transforms into a paste when mixed with water. This versatile paste finds applications in both medical and cosmetic realms, proving beneficial in various ways. Primarily, it serves as an effective treatment for rashes and acne, drawing on its ancient tradition of purifying the skin by eliminating oils and toxins. Over millennia, people have harnessed clay’s remarkable properties to detoxify both skin and body.

In skincare, clay acts as a potent absorbent, soaking up oils and bacteria when applied topically. Moreover, when ingested, it possesses the ability to adsorb toxins and unwanted substances from the digestive tract, making it a valuable tool in holistic wellness. Enriched with natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron, clay offers additional health benefits.

1. Eliminating Body Toxins: Clay excels in purging toxins from the body, promoting overall well-being.

2. Purifying the Skin: Its detoxifying prowess extends to the skin, making it an excellent remedy for various skin issues.

3. Treating Poisoning: Clay proves valuable in poison treatment, neutralizing harmful substances in the body.

4. Diaper Rash Relief: Gentle yet effective, clay aids in treating diaper rash, ensuring comfort for infants.

5. Sun Protection: Surprisingly, it even offers protection against the sun’s harsh rays, enhancing skincare routines.

Beyond these benefits, clay demonstrates its versatility by being suitable for all skin and hair types. It finds utility in animal feeds, combating undesirable body odors like underarm perspiration, foot fungus, and female hygiene concerns. Additionally, it serves as a reliable hot therapy, easing joint pain and arthritis discomfort caused by coldness. Embracing the power of natural clay translates into a myriad of advantages, making it a valuable asset in various aspects of life.


Calcium plus_ BALANCE 

ለሁሉም የቆዳ አይነቶች (ለወዛም ለደረቅ,,,) 

ለሁሉም የፀጉር አይነቶች (ለቤቢሄርም ):: 

ለቆዳ እብጠት : መሸብሸብ : ብርድ እና ለመገጣጠሚያ ህመም ጀግና ነው:: 

የእጅና እግር መዳፎች ውበትና ልስላሴ:: 

ለጠረን ማሰወገጃ (ብብት:ዕግርና ሌሎችም) 

ለስትሬችማርክ : ቁስል : ብጉር : ማዲያት :  ጠባሳ

ፎረፎር : ሽፍታ : ጭርት : ለpsoriyasis 

# አጠቃቀም ለ30ደቂቃ መቀባት ወይም መዘፍዘፍ ከዛ በውሃ ብቻ መታጠብ 

♡ 100% natural & export standard



Sodium plus_ CONDTIONED 

ለፀጉር ( ለቤቢሄርም) ውበትና ጤንነት 

ለሁሉም የቆዳ አይነት ውበትና ጤንነት 

የኬሚካል እና የፀሀይ ጉዳትን ለመጠገን 

ለእጅ እና ለእግር መዳፎች ውበትና ልስላሴ 

በጠቅላላው ማገገም ለሚሻ የአካል ክፍል. 

አላስፈላጊ ነገሮችን ለማስወገድ (ፎረፎር : ፈንገስ : ጭርት : ብጉር : ማዲያት : ተለይቶ ለጠቆረ ቆዳ : እብጠት ለቁስል ለኪንታሮት) 

ለጠረን ( ለብብት : ለእግር : ለሞዴስ) 

አጠቃቀም መቀባት OR መዘፍዘፍ ከዛ ከ30ደቂቃ በሇላ በውሃ ብቻ መታጠብ:: 

♡100% natural & export standard.

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